Savings & Investments

Share Certificates

We offer Share Certificates for every size saver. Minimum balances start at just $1,000 and we have terms of 6 months or 1 year. We are very competitive on our rates.


Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

We have no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charges. We offer VISA debit cards to go along with your account. You may access your account 24-7 at our free ATM, and make purchases with your card.


Christmas Club Accounts

Why not set aside money every payday into a Mosaic Christmas Club account? We make saving for Christmas much easier. Checks are mailed to your home in mid October.


Vacation Club Accounts

They work the same as a Christmas Club account, only they are paid out in mid May. Have a payroll deduction come into this account and you'll be all set to take that vacation you've always dreamed about.

Savings Minimum Balance Dividend/ Interest Rate APY**
 Regular Share Account  25.00***  0.05%  0.05%
 Christmas Club Account  None  0.05%  0.05%
 Vacation Club Account  None  0.05%  0.05%

Share Certificates Minimum Deposit Dividend/ Interest Rate Term APY**
 6 months Share Certificate  $1,000  0.90%  6 months  0.91%
 1 year Share Certificate  $1,000  1.40%  1 year  1.41%
 2 year Share Certificate  $1,000  1.70%  2 year  1.71%
Effective 06/21/19